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Today I felt better about myself and I didn't feel like I was dying inside. Thank you. Everything you said today I will keep with me forever.
– participant, Carmel High

Halfway through your amazing talk, I caught myself criticizing my body as you were talking about empowerment and acceptance. I think during that moment I realized how much the things you were talking about directly effected me. I felt really influenced and feel that I’ll never look at myself the same after this presentation.
– participant, Crystal Springs Uplands School, Hillsborough

So empowering and exciting!

– participant, California State University Monterey Bay


You changed my mind about my body and my whole life!
– participant, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Incredible because your presentation was so genuine.
– participant, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Crucial for teenage girls.
– participant, Sacred Heart Secondary School, Ottawa, Canada

I rediscovered that I love my body.
– participant, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada

I plan to contact a therapist because of this.
– participant, California State University Monterey Bay


Hell! I'm gorgeous!
– participant, Saltspring Island, BC, Canada

I want you to know that you made me realize I have an eating disorder. You are an inspiration to me. I am going to get help. You're an amazing person. Thank you.
– participant, California State University Monterey Bay

10/10 because it made me laugh and think seriously. Girls kick ass!
– participant, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Brie made me long for a day when I can be so whole.
– anorexia survivor who hospitalized herself after seeing Love the Skin You're In

Dear Brie,
Thank you so much for helping me today.  It meant the world, especially because I really haven't opened up to anyone like I did today but I felt really comfortable around you.  Your inner beauty really shines outward and makes you such an amazing person, and I really admire you for that.

– participant, Branson School, Ross, CA


Hi Brie,
I go to Branson and I wanted to let you know that your presentation today was amazing! I loved it so much. It really reached me on a personal level (although I'm sure you get that all the time from the girls you speak to)... I really appreciate what you are doing for girls out there and I hope that someday I can walk around feeling as strong and empowered and confident and beautiful as you! Thank you again!
– participant, Branson School, Ross, CA

I owe a lot to you treating me the way you did and giving me the spiritual attention that has been instrumental to my continuous sobriety and serenity. I just wanted to let you know how much you have meant to me.
– client recovering from heroin addiction, 21 yrs, Recovery Without Walls, Berkeley, CA

People didn't recognize my signs until I tried to kill myself.
– participant, confidential

You made me laugh!
– participant, California State University Monterey Bay

I wish there were more people in the world like you and the help you're giving is the best help girls like me can get.
– participant, Toronto, Canada

Your presentation was extremely empowering for girls to love themselves for how they are.
– participant, California State University Monterey Bay


– participant, Toronto, Canada

a '10' because you enlightened me so much both spiritually and mentally.
– participant, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Good, cool, awesome... excellent because you get to see someone who did have an eating disorder and lived through it.
– participant, Ottawa, Canada

Your presentation was fun, interactive and enlightening.
– participant, California State University Monterey Bay

Wonderful! Because it spoke from a young woman to a young woman audience – we identified (mind-wise) with the speaker.
–participant, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Very informative because it helped me learn more about my problem so I will guarantee that it will help others.
– participant, Ottawa, Canada

Excellent because of the fact that I walked out feeling so much less alone.
– participant, Watsonville, CA

The greatest thing I have seen since I started at this school.
– participant, Trafalgar School for Girls, Montreal, Canada

A '10' out of 5 because many people can get such excellent help with this seminar.
– participant, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

a '10' out of 10 because it really hit home.
– participant, Trafalgar School for Girls, Montreal, Canada

Super (excellent!) because it boosted my spirits about myself.
– participant, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I wish I had heard this eight years ago.
– participant, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

This should become an annual event.
– participant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love you!! You carry a pulsing light which bleeds through your body and embellishes the air we share.
– client recovering from heroin addiction, 18 yrs, Seattle, WA

I need to love myself and my body the way that it is and the way that I am.
– participant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great because not only was it tons of fun, but I learned so much. Brie was a great speaker because she didn't lecture – she acted more as a friend than a teacher (she is so awesome).
– participant, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you for helping me overcome the battle of anorexia which until this day had a stronghold on my life.
– male participant, Victoria, BC, Canada

You're a great model and I will always remember this presentation. Thanks for everything. I learned a lot! xoxo
– participant, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

I discovered that you can change your thoughts about yourself just by celebrating who you are!
– participant, Saltspring Island, BC, Canada

I would rate this presentation the highest possible because it was very educational and so spiritually uplifting.
– participant, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you, Brie, for reminding me to be confident about myself.
– participant, Trafalgar School for Girls, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I would rate this presentation '100' on a scale of 1 to 100 because it made such a big impact on me. It changes my whole perspective on things.
– participant, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada



'A+' because it is so needed.

Excellent because the speaker was so human, vulnerable, honest and lovable.


Outstanding because of its energy and honesty.


Great because our daughter came home and encouraged us as parents to come


Excellent. It is a first for me and I have a daughter who is presently in treatment for anorexia.


It is unusual for a young woman to develop her spirituality at this young age.


Wonderful because you care, you know and you share.


You are a remarkable young woman and I am very glad I came.


Thank you for this gift.



Brie's radiance is inspiring and uplifting. It has the power to transform misery into blossoming freedom.
– Dr. Rolf Sattler, Emeritus Professor of McGill University, Montreal.

You were brilliant last night: such an impressive presenter with your dynamic interaction with students ~ they loved you! Your presentation was extremely engaging, humorous, compassionate, vulnerable and encouraging. And your media show with music, combined with student participation (and great timing) really engaged and crucially impacted your audience. I learned so much about eating disorders, but also about You, and about spirituality, and about how much suffering goes on around this topic - making me much more sensitive to my students and anyone dealing with these issues. I was totally inspired - there was something there for everyone!
– Professor, California State University Monterey Bay

Thank you for being so fabulous!
– Kim Fahlen, Head Counselor, Branson School, Ross, CA

Brie is a highly motivated, spiritual, and compassionate role model. Her experiences, convincing speaking ability, and calm demeanor enable her to relate especially well to teenagers and young adults. She is truly an inspiration and a valuable source of knowledge.
– Bonnie Gibson, Redlands High School, Los Angeles, CA

In my professional opinion, this is one special lady who is an amazing educator. We hope to have her back in our school on an annual or bi-annual basis.
– Virginia Ronning, Head Counselor, St. Michael's University School, BC, Canada

Brie's presentation was perfectly attuned to the needs and interests of her adolescent audience. The students were captivated throughout – quite unheard of for this age group!
– Wanda Murphy, School Counselor, Rock Heights School, BC, Canada

Brie has the ability to bring her audience into her presentation and make them feel very much a part of it, truly a unique gift...
– Kathryn MacKay, Huntsville High School, Ontario, Canada

It is Ms. Mathers' incredible honesty, presence, openness and joyfulness that make her presentation special.
– Kim Rebane, University Hills, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brie's genuine compassion enabled a number of students to share their struggles with specific eating behaviors and to engage in a process of change. We were impressed with Brie's flexibility in setting individual appointments over the weekend with the young women who required one to one support/follow-up. Our youth definitely walked away with some new insight and new possibilities for self-acceptance and well-being.
–Keith Forsaw, Principal, Victoria High School, Victoria, British Columbia

Dear Brie,

I was so pleased to welcome you to Colquitz Junior Secondary School for a presentation of to our female students. Just as I had experienced in the past, the information you presented was stimulating, thought-provoking and of very high value to our students.

Presenting such concepts and ideas as body image and media influences to a group of young women has the potential to be challenging; however, your personal style, your stories, your willingness to share of yourself and your experiences makes the presentation very current and valuable. I am always amazed at your enthusiasm and ability to both work and manage the crowd. Certainly, in a darkened gymnasium with a group of excited young women eager to share and learn, your abilities shone!

Not only is there immense value in the presentation and the processing that occurs during the course of your time with students, but from the perspective of a counsellor and educator, the real benefit is over the long term. My colleagues and I have experienced students coming in weeks after Love the Skin You're In questioning their experiences and feelings as young women in relation to their bodies and self concept. That is the absolute best we can hope for.

From all of us at Colquitz, thank you very much Brie, for your commitment and excellence and for bringing us Love the Skin You're In. I eagerly await an opportunity for young men to experience BodyMind Talk, and the chance to work with you many more times in the future in such a positive way with youth.

With thanks,

– Kim Strom, Counsellor
Colquitz Junior Secondary School



We have seen miraculous progress in individuals with whom she has worked on a daily basis.
– Dr Howard Kornfeld, Founder, Recovery Without Walls, Mill Valley, CA
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco

Hopewell, the Eating Disorders Support Centre of Ottawa, is extremely supportive of the work that Brie is doing in the community.
– Joann Curran, President, Hopewell, Ottawa, Ontario

Brie is an unusually determined young person dedicated to easing the suffering of young people.
– Shikai Sensei, Zen Buddhist Master, Ottawa, Ontario

What a wonderful woman and human being. I know that wherever she is, Brie will continue to make a significant difference in the lives of those who come in contact with and listen to her wisdom. My only regret is that Brie is no longer here in Ottawa to continue her great influence with young people.
– Georgia Morrissette, mother of celebrated vocalist Alanis

You are a powerful and profound woman.
– Lama Nyima, Yogic-Buddhist Teacher, Berkeley, CA