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This multimedia, motivational event which has reached 70,000 partners internationally with National Youth Week New Zealand, Bay Area TEDX, The University of Rochester Medical Center, YWCA, and The Center for Partnership Studies. Brie blogs for NEDIC and NEDA.

Love the Skin You're In™ calls young women together in solidarity to question normalized beauty ideals and the social media buzz around them. We invite youth to examine the dieting, cosmetic surgery, beauty, hollywood industries’ interests that promulgate this ideal as healthy, sexual and universal, (Wolf, The Beauty Myth). As we debunk prevalent representations of women in mainstream and social media, we explore the evolution of beauty ideals within the context of past cultural myths and understandings of the female form (which were amazing in their veneration of our bodies' amazing gifts of life, nurture, pleasure and illumination).  We together define self-objectification, critique the sexploitation of women in the media (increasing numbers of which are young girls) and ultimately inspire girls and women beyond the looks-based comparison, competition, and bullying that can result from these compromising messages. We teach girls to consciously choose the conversations they entertain inside their minds, to become leaders that build community and sisterhood both within their school walls and online, and most of all, to value themselves for their substance, complexity, and unique humanity so that when they write the stories of their own lives, they are the ones holding the pen. Young women brand this talk as life changing.


Love the Skin You’re In™ is a dynamic multimedia presentation that offers parents healthy strategies for navigating the negative and pervasive sociocultural messaging effecting youth today.  Focusing on signs and symptoms for early detection of eating disorders, praise for healthy family and communication dynamics, and media literacy and prevention tips, this workshop is a sister program to the keynote for students.  Interactive in style, Brie compellingly demystifies the socioeconomic underpinnings of beauty norms and relates her ultimate recovery from an eating disorder.  With love and laughter, she invites parents to stop blaming themselves and recognize the socioeconomic forces at play while embracing the inevitable challenge of being role models for health and happiness. Part monologue, part straight talk, part hip-hop, parents are inspired to a deeper exploration of their relationship with food and their own bodies through a discussion of their sons and daughters.


Brie engages adult audiences in dynamic transformation from the capricious tyranny of image to the enduring beauty of the heart. In Love the Skin You're In™ she challenges how we see ourselves and inspires us beyond the smoke and mirrors of media messaging to our deeper callings to give back to the world. Championing the merits of bodily movement and making sustaining food choices while encouraging intermissions to honor the stillness within, she is a fearless leader extending a timeless invitation: slow down, feel the breath, recognize the gift of life, give back to the planet.


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