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Our Vision

We are a team of mostly girls and women dedicated to supporting you to realize your most joyful vibrant existence through recognizing that the most important moment of your life is now. With mindfulness and conscious action we aspire to a place where body image meets embodiment, where presence and bodily awareness meet self-trust and intuitive eating, where we can come home to rest in our bodies and lead irrepressible, high-spirited lives.

Young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer or losing a parent. 80% of 11-year-old girls report dieting. Meanwhile 30% of adolescent males are dissatisfied with their bodies, 33% of them resorting to unhealthy weight control methods. Our pop stars dress like sex workers while magazines homogenize and idealize a white 12-year-old beauty standard with twenty-five year-old breasts. Half the world is obsessed with being overweight; the other half is starving.

We believe the situation needs respectful recognition and the insanity needs to stop. We bring you a multimedia inspirational series designed to champion mental health resiliency and self esteem. Through seminars, online programs, retreats and mentorship, we stand in celebration of our bodies in their true forms and inherent radiance, free of dieting or censorship. The new manifesta: our beautiful, adorable, creative, wildly diverse, authentic beings are all we need for a powerful legacy of love.