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Private classes and retreats

Come connect with Brie in her cherished Carmel-by-the-Sea, a storybook town on the California coast that feels a bit like living in a fairytale.


On the beach or in the comfort of your room, you are invited to drop into the gentle harmony of breath and body as she leads you through a series of yoga postures tailored to your personal needs. All you need is your own body, your own breath and your own relationships. Single, partner and group rates. Accessories provided.


Here we fill our days with yoga, mindfulness practice, delicious, nutritious foods, journaling, resting, dancing, fireside truth telling, visions and dreams. It is recommended that you download and enjoy our free personal retreat day, and also read Brie's book Freedom to Blossom – An Invitation to Shine in preparation for your relaxing, restorative retreat. Individual or small group.

Mother-Daughter Retreats

As I was growing into womanhood, my relationship with my mother was powerful and profound.  It was also a site of deep challenges that we both were constantly called to revision.  As a Women's Studies graduate, I am inspired to offer retreats that invite mothers and daughters into the silence of the heart. Yoga means to unite. True to this function, it is with trust-based partner poses that stretch participants outside their comfort zones that we learn skills for uniting body and mind while uniting our relationship to one another.  Not quite therapy and not just physical exercise, these half-day and weekend retreats are thematically designed to fit the unique interests of the mother and daughter exploring together. They are both a safe space in which to open into healthy dialogue around contracted issues and an opportunity to surrender the need to fix or make things 'right', focusing in place on honoring the silent context in which we arise.  I dedicate the fruits of this offering to my ever-giving mother.