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I am an activist. Sometimes it rocks. Sometimes it feels like I am swimming against the stream. But it always feels true. I woke up to realizing that something wasn't right when I was healing from my eating disorder and I determined to become part of the change. The truth of the matter is that this change had to start within. I summoned my inner activist, the courageous part of me that intuitively knew that something wasn't right with a culture presenting a normalized, one-dimensional view of women, and healed the split on the inside. I went on strike from the madness within my mind. I sat Zen for years to get to the heart of the matter. I adorned my walls with affirmations to train my brain neurons into new messages. I researched foods to discover the effects they were having on my body and learned to make nourishing choices. I explored non-competitive, expressive, opening ways of moving my body that left me feeling energized and found yoga and dance.

Then I made a date with the world. I have spoken to thousands of students across Canada. There is no describing the elation that comes of drawing young women struggling with disordered eating, depression, anxiety, cutting and grief out of the woodwork so that they can chart a new course for their lives. I am enormously grateful for this gift. What I learned: When you serve the world, the world shines back on you. If there is one message that you retrieve from our meeting I hope that it will be one of your power for service. When we give love, it comes back to us ten-fold. What group are you called to serve? Is it time to start one?

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