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About Lashawnda

Lashawnda Raven Thompson
Director of Marketing

Hi. My name is La'Shawnda Raven Thompson. I am from Berkeley, California. I went to San Francisco State University. My major there was Nursing but I am now interested in becoming a Nurse Practioner. I am currently attending school in San Francisco taking an alternative educational path to become successful at San Francisco State. I have always had a strong desire to help others which inspired me to go into the medical field. I am full of love and joy that I share with the world. I enjoy engaging in drawing and music as a way for me to release my emotions, and get in touch with my feelings. I am an open-minded person who loves trying new things but I have yet to find my talent. I am a girl who's on a journey to loving herself in every way and recognizing who she is. I envision for us young girls and women to love the skin we are in, and be proud of what we are because it will always take us far.

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